EDI Options
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Options for Submitting Your Claims Electronically

Establishing an EDI connection for the submission of claims has never been easier!  UnitedHealthcare offers many solutions to support you in meeting the compliance requirements and standards for the submission of your claims electronically.  We encourage you to set up an EDI connection today and begin enjoying the benefits of faster payment cycles and increased claim processing accuracy.

Our UnitedHealthcare Online products and EDI Clearinghouse connections include:

  • EDI Clearinghouse Connections - is our batch and real-time connection with multiple clearinghouses using our single payer ID #87726.  Most clearinghouse vendors provide eligibility, claim status and electronic remittance advices. See our List of Clearinghouses for those that submit directly to UnitedHealthcare.
  • UnitedHealthcare Online All-Payer GatewayTM - UnitedHealthcare has brokered a discounted multi-payer clearinghouse connection exclusively for users of UnitedHealthcare Online.  The UnitedHealthcare Online All-Payer Gateway is a seamless, low-cost connection to a leading clearinghouse where you can upload and submit batch claim files to most of your commercial and government payers.  For more information, select Claims & Payments, and then the UnitedHealthcare Online All-Payer Gateway link.  You can also email us at allpayergateway@uhc.com or call us at 1-866-UHC-FAST (842-3278), select option 3.
  • UnitedHealthcare.com - is our Physician and Health Care Professional Web site providing secure, electronic claim submission - free of charge!  Access patient eligibility and benefits, claim status, submit claim appeals, submit inpatient and outpatient notifications, and much more!
  • Free Single Payer UnitedHealthcare Batch Claims Upload - UnitedHealthcare had brokered a FREE single payer clearinghouse connection that you can use to upload batch UnitedHealthcare claim files at no charge. Please contact 1-866-UHC-FAST (842-3278), select option 3.
  • B2B Gateway - our free software platform allows you to submit real-time and batch transactions using a direct connect application.  All transactions are accessed through a secured connection over the Internet using leading technology.

For more information about the above listed EDI options or general questions about Electronic Claims Submission to UnitedHealthcare, please call our EDI Support Line at 1-800-842-1109, select option 3.

List of Clearinghouses 
UnitedHealthcare Online All-Payer Gateway