National Provider Identifier (NPI)
UnitedHealthcare & Its Affiliates NPI Contingency Plan
Practice/Facility Profile
Maintaining your contact and billing information is critical to ensure you receive important procedure and policy changes, useful administrative information and timely delivery of your claims payments.

You can update or submit your Practice-Facility information two ways:
  •   Online - using Practice-Facility Updates
  •   Fax - using the forms provided under Related Links
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Contact Us
Fax:  Using our Demographic Fax Forms or NPI Provider Data Fax Form/Multiple NPI Submission Fax Form

Telephone:   UnitedHealthcare for Health Care Professionals telephone line - (877) 842-3210, say "Health Care Professional Services", then "Demographic Changes".

Note:  We request that you use our fax process for submissions involving more than five NPI numbers.